I’m a documentary filmmaker based in Brooklyn. I direct, shoot and edit, and work with talented collaborators from composers to animators to producers. I tend towards the quieter stories and find myself believing more and more in the empathic power of storytelling. In my current work I live in a place or a community for months at a time, hoping to give voice to the smaller stories that surround us but which we rarely celebrate.

CV here, if you're into that kinda thing. 

Just a small selection of some of my favorite people, places and things, all of which inspire me daily:

Les Blank / Vikram Jayanti / Kim Longinotto / Abbas Kiarostami / Alexander Porter Radiotopia / Emma Matthews / Studs Terkel / Frederick Wiseman / Home of the Brave / Light Industry / Love + Radio / Errol Morris  / Jen G. Pywell / Lauren McCarthyElli Chung / The Ross Brothers / St. John's College / BRIC Arts Media / Maryse Alberti / Joan Churchill / Giacomo Francia (((echo magic))) / Eleanor Stewart / This American Life / The Museum of the Moving Image / Scatter / Maurice Sendak / Terry Zwigoff / Deepspeed Media / Erica Gorochow / DCIFF / Sensory Ethnography Lab / Spectacle Theater / Patrick Moberg / Marie-Brune de Chassey / Robert Adams / Bill Frisell / Monica Frisell / Lee Friedlander / The Museum of Jurassic Technology

.... and many many more.